27 October 2012

Zionist Cameramen at Edinburgh Batsheva Protest

Shortly after the Edinburgh Batsheva Protest in August 2012, videos appeared on YouTube trying to discredit the protesters with false allegations. The videos are purported to have been taken by Harvey the Zionist undercover cameraman, then passed to his Zionist friend Richard Millett to upload with false allegations.

Richard Millett makes various false allegations against the protest at his blog. The blog is full of the usual drivels that comes out of nutty Zionists. It's also filled with hate comments from his goon friends.

They refer to Palestine as "Fakistine". Racist bigots such as these then play the victim. Harvey went undercover but was exposed by a protester. The protester rightly pointed out Hervey's ill intent with the videos. Harvey then goes home and cried to his friend Richard Millet saying he was insulted!

He stood on the side of the police like a pussy cat. Later he blogged from the confines of his keyboard like a tiger. This is the style of a true coward. There were few other cameramen taking photos in cowardly manner, see photos below.

I posted few comments on Harvey's videos on YouTube, but Richard Millett feels the need to removes them or mark them as spam. Why would he do such a thing to few factual comments as below? Well the likes of Richard and Harvey do not like facts, but live in a state of denial in true Zionist fashion. They worship Israel no matter how many UN resolutions it breaches or how many Palestinian it kills or how many houses it bulldozes. Thugs like these will love a pariah state like Israel forever.

Richard Millett has been exposed by Tony Greenstine here as has the likes of Jonathan Hoffman so go over to Tony's blog and enlighten yourself to the kind of idiots these fools are.

And here is Harvey's premiere on your computer. Well it is only fair that he is in front of a camera too after all the recording he did!

Comments Richard Millett likes to delete on YouTube but immortalised here:

"This protest was legitimate & legal. The police simply observed!

In the 1980s, the rights of the oppressed black South African majority would have superseded the supposed 'rights' of arts companies to attempt to promote and normalise apartheid South Africa.

Batsheva is, in its essence, identical. By taking Israeli state funding, it knowingly ties itself into the state's attempts to divert attention away from the inhuman and illegal occupation, and promote Israel as a modern, democratic nation."

"Some claim that art and politics can be separated but the Israeli Foreign Ministry knows this is not the case when it declared “Batsheva are [Israel's] best global ambassadors”. Batsheva's explicit ties to the Israeli State make it impossible to describe the group as 'apolitical'.

The boycott of Batsheva is about putting the basic human rights of the Palestinian people ahead of the Israeli's attempts to use artists to gloss over the fundamental injustice and illegality of the Israeli occupation."

"Some people argue that artists should have the right to freedom of expression. However, this right cannot be upheld above all other rights.

ISRAEL IS THE ABUSER & Palestinians are the oppressed

These two facts are not the same

Boycott is the non-violent response to Israeli oppression.

Viva Palestine!"

Here is Harvey plotting his undercover camera actions with a pal!

Harvey with camera held in wrong direction! The Zionist's need to invest in media training!

Harvey looking very frightened when his cover was blown by a protester during an announcement on the megaphone of his evil intention to film and misrepresent the protest.
Who was this guy, snapping photos of the protesters?

Police Special Branch with their cameras?
Harvey' partner in crime: Richard Millett

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