14 May 2012

DM Digital Rapped by Ofcom for Broadcasting Extreme Views

The lunacies of the Asian satellite channel are endless. Just look through the regular Ofcom Broadcast Bulletins and you will discover countless breaches. One wonders how these businessmen/women think they can operate such services with amateur behaviours and a lack of respect of the rules. The breaches range from abuse of charity appeals, political advertisements, phone competition to advice that is extreme in anyone's eyes to name a few.

In Broadcast Bulletin Issue number 205 08/05/12, DM Digital a television channel primarily aimed at Pakistani audience have been found in serious breach of broadcasting rules. Some of the things that were said is so outrageous, you wonder where DM Digital staff think they live. I mean inciting violence? Persecuting minorities? Have Pakistan not got enough of their own problems? Have the immigrants to UK not left Pakistan to escape shit like that? DM Digital staff must have the little-Pakistan mentality, where they live in a ghetto and picture the villages of Pakistan in the mind!

Ofcom is now considering sanctions against the channel. Let this be a lesson that the ground in Britain is set and neither DM Digital nor any other channels can change it.

Keep it up DM digital and you will head in the same direction as Press TV, that is to the end of a cliff and back home to Pakistan, or Iran in Press TV's case!

Praise Ofcom for doing a great job regulating Television, praise the individuals who took the time to complain to Ofcom! This goes to show if we all make a stand we can preserve the values that gives us freedom to live a better life in Britain than Pakistan or other similar places we immigrated from.

Extracts from the bulletin:

Rehmatul Lil Alameen, DM Digital, 9 October 2011, 18:30: The programme above, which was in Urdu and was approximately one hour in duration, featured a presenter who introduced an Islamic Pir (a religious scholar) who delivered a live televised lecture about points of Islamic theology with reference to the shooting dead in early 2011 of the Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer by his bodyguard Malik Mumtaz Qadri. Salmaan Taseer had been a vocal critic of Pakistan‟s blasphemy law. This law punishes derogatory remarks against notable figures in Islam and carries a potential death sentence for anyone who insults or is judged to blaspheme against the Prophet Mohammed. At certain points the presenter of the programme made comments or asked the religious scholar for clarification.

A viewer alerted Ofcom to statements made during the programme that it was acceptable to murder any person thought to have shown disrespect to the Prophet Mohammed, and that the founder of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community was an acceptable target for murder. The Ahmadiyya religion is a comparatively small Islamic movement founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani that grew out of mainstream Islam in the nineteenth century, whose followers believe themselves to be true Muslims.

Having carefully reviewed the transcript, we noted first the following remark made by the presenter of the programme:

“...if someone takes a step in the love of the Prophet, then this is not terrorism”. 

This was followed by the Islamic scholar‟s lecture, from which Ofcom noted in particular the following remarks:

“Under the guidance from Islamic texts it is evident that if a Muslim apostatises, then it is not right to wait for the authorised courts; anyone may kill him”.

“An apostate deserves to be killed and any man may kill him. For this, you do not need to contact the authorised courts. Because the prophet did not question Omar‟s act [i.e. killing someone for showing disrespect for the Prophet], it proves that such an act is permitted”.

“...if someone denies the existence of God, you may have a defensive war with them but if someone insults the Prophet, you should not be defensive but you should aggressively attack them. You should go to their homes and fight them there”.

“The man who has killed [Salmaan Taseer] has done an act of great love and proved his loyalty. It was his duty to do so. Some people say that he was supposed to guard [Salmaan Taseer] but a man's first duty is to protect his father and Abu Ubaydah killed his own father because the latter denied the apostolate of Prophet Mohammed….When Abu Ubaydah killed his father, Allah praised him because he had killed in the love of the Prophet Muhammed. Such an act does not fall into the category of terrorism”. 

“I hail those who made this law [i.e. Pakistan‟s blasphemy law] which states that one who insults the Prophet deserves to be killed – such a person should be eliminated”. 

“This is not terrorism because [Malik Mumtaz Qadri] killed the one who had insulted the Prophet”. 

“The matter of insulting the Prophet does not fall in the category of terrorism. Those who cannot kill such men [i.e. who insult Mohammed] have no faith. It is your duty, the duty of those who recite the holy verse to kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed. Court interference is not a prerequisite for this”.

“To say that this law [i.e. the Pakistan blasphemy law] is a cruel or black law is an act of non-belief. If someone will say this, he will be regarded as apostate and his murder will be obligatory upon Muslims”. 

“However great a man, if he insults the Prophet, he deserves to be killed and all Muslims should know this...”

“One greater in status than a governor, if he insults Prophet Muhammad, deserves to be killed. Any Muslim may kill such a man and there is guidance in Islamic texts that the killer should not be questioned or reprimanded”. 

"If you are in Pakistan, in an Islamic country, then any man may kill those who insult Prophet Mohammed. He will not be prosecuted”.

Ofcom considered that these comments raised issues under Rule 3.1 of the Code, which states that:

“Material likely to encourage or incite the commission of crime or to lead to disorder must not be included in television or radio services”.

We also considered that specific comments included in the programme relating to Ahmadi Muslims and the Ahmadiyya community raised issues under Rule 4.2 of the Code. Rule 4.2 states that:

“The religious views and beliefs of those belonging to a particular religion or religious denomination must not be subject to abusive treatment.”

In particular, we were concerned about the broadcasting of the following remarks:

Islamic scholar: “The entire Muslim world has declared [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani] an apostate and one who deserves to be killed”.

Presenter: “You once issued a fatwa that we do not regard any of these as non-believers except the Mirzais [Ahmadis]”. 

Islamic scholar: “Because the 72 sects recite the holy verse, they are all Muslims but not the Ahmadis because these deny one of the fundamentals of Islam. They are non-believers because of this. Anyone who denies one of the fundamentals of Islam is a non-believer”.

POAF Conference DM Digital, 25 November 2011, 19:00 and 4 December 2011, 21:00: The programme included a range of statements from various speakers at the conference which were highly critical of the MQM. By way of background it should be noted that on August 28 2011 Dr. Mirza of the PPP (see footnotes 2 and 3 above) had accused the MQM of causing mass violence and killings in Karachi, the capital of Sindh province, during 2011.

For example:

“Those who commit acts of terrorism4 must be punished. If Dr. Mirza is presenting evidence to get them arrested and punished then it is a very good thing”.

“They [the ministers of the Pakistani government] say that Dr. Mirza has no evidence. If that was true they wouldn‟t be putting pressure on Lord Nazir and wasting so much time and resources on trying to stop him. We are talking about the killers of Karachi – the MQM. We say, all Urdu-speaking people are our brothers. Our parents taught us to respect our teachers, elders, and humanity in general. The Qur'an states, „do not kill unjustly‟. But for the last 30 years, murders have happened in Karachi...You [the MQM] killed the Urdu speaking people. Between 15 to 16 thousand people...have been murdered. You killed Pukhtoons, Baluchis, Sindhis, Punjabis. If you did not do it, then was it angels from the heavens? …Tell them [the MQM] that you will challenge them in the streets of London. We have Lord Nazir and Liaqat Malik with us”. 

Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza: “I thank DM Digital from the deepest core of my heart for giving this opportunity to a weak Pakistani to spread his voice, on behalf of weak Pakistanis, to all over the world – I thank them for helping us in spreading the voice of truth… Those who sacrificed for Pakistan and migrated from India, their own Urdu-speaking brothers, if they dare to disagree with them they [the MQM] kill them. Then after killing them, the relatives of the victim are not allowed to bury him in accordance with their own will. The funerals are snatched and the corpse is buried after wrapping it in MQM flag so that they could show to the world, to attract human rights activists, and to make records contrary to their own atrocities”.

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