20 April 2013

NTV in trouble with Ofcom over two incidents

I made a complaint to Ofcom about a political advertisement on Bengali TV channel NTV. It has been found in breach for airing the advertisement on 19th January 2013, which is prohibited under Ofcom rules.

The advertisement lasted 30 seconds. The voiceover was in Bengali. The images consisted only of a single slate carrying Bengali text and three small pictures – one of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party logo and two photographs of figures associated with the party.

The broadcaster told Ofcom that no money or other consideration had been offered in return for its broadcast.

During an investigation, probably the above, Ofcom also found NTV in breach of programme sponsorship credits, where broadcasters are prohibited to contain advertising messages or encourage the purchase of products or services of the sponsor or a third party.

Ofcom found the broadcaster in breach of of Rules 5.5, 9.1 and 9.2.

Full Ofcom report in Broadcast Bulletin Issue number 227 08/04/13

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