24 March 2013

The disgraceful behaviours of Bengali TV channels

There has been countless breaches of broadcasting rules by Bengali TV channels in the UK. Some of them faced large fines. From abuse of charity fundraiser and selling holy tours to political advertisements, these channels flout the rules like it doesn't apply to them.

Recently 5 Bengali TV channels were found in breach of “political advertising”. Channel S has previously been found in serious breach of the prohibition on political advertising. A significant fine was imposed on that occasion. Channel S was owned by Channel S Global Limited. This company surrendered its licence and ceased broadcasting. It is now run by CHS TV LTD with Mahee Ferdhaus named as a director. What does that tell you? The men behind this channel did this to avoid the potentially large fines by Ofcom. Not once was it mentioned on Channel S that it's owners are in trouble. The director of the various Limited companies that owned and still own Channel S is the founder MAHEE MOHAMMED FERDHAUS and his puppet partner HARISH CHANDRA JUGATRAY JOSHI. Mahee is a disgraced self proclaimed Bengali leader, who was convicted of insurance fraud and jailed. This is how he made the money and started Channel S. Click on the above names to see a string of limited companies they use to bypass the rules and conduct their crooked businesses. 

Few weeks ago Channel i was found in trouble over “political” advertisements after I filed complaints with broadcasting regulator, Ofcom. Bangladesh is going through turbulent time as it tries to bring war criminals from 1971 to justice. We do not need the village politics run by new Bangladeshi immigrants in our midst. These idiots have been placing adverts on Bengali TV channels in contravention of broadcasting rules. These rules prevent political instability. Some of the groups include the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, the London Mohanagar Chhatra League (the London branch of the student wing of the Awami League), the Jubo League (the youth wing of the Awami League), Faruk Ahmed (of the Awami League), M A Malek (of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party), the Bangladesh Awami League and the Awami League, UK.

Thank God that there are rules and laws in the UK that protects us. InshaAllah, the small number of good people who uphold the law can make a difference and stop these thugs spreading their vile politics here in the UK.

Few years ago, Mahee Ferdhaus was almost beaten to death by thugs like him. It looks like he hasn't learned his lesson. Let it be know that those who disgrace the Bengali community will be disgraced by Allah in this world and in the hereafter.

Anyone who associates with such people and those who run these amateur TV channels are as bad and a disgrace to the Bengali community too. Every breach should be referred to Ofcom.

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