23 January 2013

ATN Bangla Sells Tour in a programme

Programme: Journey to Masjid Al Aqsa
Date: Broadcast whole evening starting at 7pm on 21 January 2013
Channel: ATN Bangla – Sky Channel 827

Watch the recording uploaded on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqY_XZPejrI

The Sky TV guide describes this programme as “Live Islamic discussion programme from ATN studio”. But this programme is far from an Islamic discussion, it is actually selling a package tour to Jordan, Palestine, Israel and Saudi Arabia for £1500 per person. The guest, Mawlana Farid Ahmed Khan is the person selling and arranging the tour and one of the tour guide. His mobile, landline and e-mail is given and viewers encouraged to call to discuss special family discount/consideration! Mr Khan is stated to have taken over 80 people on the same tour last year! The tour is promoted heavily with viewers being encouraged to participate to join it. As the channel is no charity, I bet they take commission on every sales generated via this 'infomercial' but is most likely to deny it! Why else would they air such a long advertisement for a tour?

The broadcasting rules makes it clear to keep advertisement separate from programming. This programme clearly merges both into one and is likely to be found in breach by Ofcom. A complaint is made to Ofcom.


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